Counselling & Coaching for Relationships, Addictions & Emotional Disorders

When those curve-balls arrive in life, sometimes we don’t know where to turn. Sometimes it’s about making the best decision but there are too many options. Other times it’s relationship bumps or addictions or grief. Whatever your need please know that we offer private Counselling & Coaching sessions via Zoom.

• Types of Therapeutic Counselling include brief situational support, short-term counselling, and long-term psychotherapy. Brief situational pastoral counselling consists of one to three sessions aimed at strengthening counselees in life situations that have temporarily thrown them off-course.
• Coaching Therapy is the practice of learning session & using specific tools with set life work at each session & for the purpose of both emotional & mental wholeness.

Please email to book a 10 minute online assessment AT NO CHARGE so that together we can decide the best way forward.

Price: R1250